How to Create Layered Looks


If you’re anything like me then you have an extremely hard time with the changing of seasons. It’s not that I don’t like each season for what they bring. I love watching the leaves change, celebrating the Fourth of July, even the first snow fall. The problem that I have with the seasons changing is that I have a hard time letting go, of my seasonal clothing in particular.

When I was younger I used to pack all of my clothes away for the summer or the winter. I would fold them up in bins and my mom would tuck them away in the attic. Until the next year when I would pull them out only to find that they were now too small or even worse, out of style.

As I’ve grown older I’ve realized that I don’t need to say goodbye to my favorite seasonal pieces and it’s all thanks to one word: layering!

Layering is fun because you can utilize it for every season. From fishnets and mesh in the summer to turtlenecks and tights in the winter. Wearing layers can add visual interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

For this look I’ve combined a turtleneck with one of my favorite summer dresses. I like to knit my tops or use a belt to cinch my waist when wearing multiple layers to avoid looking too blob-ish or bulky.

A good trick to use for warmth while wearing dresses in the cold is to wear leggings instead of tights. Sometimes I even stack some leg warmers or thigh high socks stuffed into tall boots of added coziness. I like to top it all off with a dress length jacket for drama and voila! A cozy outfit that can be de-layered for any season. How do you layer up for the winter? Let me know down below!

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