Cozy AF But Still Freezing

What I Wore

Winter is always a tough time for me because of the cold, the short days, and of course, the seasonal depression. One of the few things that cheers me up during this time of year is the holidays. The lights and Christmas spirit make me feel much more cheerful. I also love the cozy atmosphere, which brings me to a certain OOTD that encompasses all of these things. (Except for maybe the lights)

This weekend I pulled out one of my favorite Christmas tops that I picked up from Goodwill a few years back. It caught my eye because of the fun novelty patches on the boobs. If you know me you know that I love a good novelty print and this one really caught my eye. The second I put it on my sister said, “I like your Christmas boobs” and that made me love it even more.

Once I had the button down on I decided to make it a denim on denim look. I almost threw a denim jacket on as well but my boyfriend thought that was going a bit overboard. So I used the red velvet puffer instead to keep within the Christmas theme.

In the winter I like to wear fuzzy socks ninety percent of the time so I stuffed these bad boys into some roomy doc martens. Icing on the cake was my big fluffy scarf, nude headband and fave red lippy.

As cozy as I was I managed to still be freezing while taking these pics. Probably because I decided to take them by the water. By the end of this shoot I was an icicle which was totally fine with me because it was totally on brand. All is well that ends well.

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