Ugly Trends that I Adore (2018 Addition)


Most of them actually. I like anything bold with a fun color or texture. I like to pair things like this with turned down, classic pieces to make my outfits both fun and practical. For this reason trendy fashion is one of my favorite things. I love that it can be so light hearted and fun.

This past year was filled with trends that I loved, some more attractive than others. So without further ado here is my list of ugly trends that I love.

1. Chunky Sneakers

One of my favorite trends this year have been chunky platform shoes. I am currently obsessed with Fila’s comeback. I adore their take on platform sneakers and ran out to buy a pair as soon as I could. These shoes remind me so much of the early 2000 aka what I wore on my feet in fifth grade (except not the Skechers version). Some may say these boys are ugo but I am in love. They are both trendy and comfortable and I can’t stop wearing them to the clurb to dance the night away in comfort.

2. Mom Jeans

Next up for fave trends would have to be mom jeans. I know these have been back in style for a couple years now but I cannot get over how lovely they are. I was not yet born when these first arrived on the scene in the 80s but I’m sure I would have rocked jeans like this every day if I had been. Quite honestly I just love denim that reaches my belly button. I find them way more comfy than the trendy low rise jeans of my adolescence. And though some may say they make your butt go on forever, I say the more butt the merrier.

3. Teddy Sweaters

Teddy sweaters are one of my ultimate fave trends right now because they are just so darn cozy. Though this trend is not considered ugly per say, I think that in a couple years time we may look back and cringe a bit at our teddy bear aesthetic. Despite this fact I am firmly in love with my teddy zip up and plan to get a chunkier version for the chilly months to come.

4. Crocs

Last but not least, a trend so heinous I almost kept it off the list all together, crocs. Okay, I know what you’re thinking,”crocs are disgusting and they don’t belong in the fashion world” but that is where you are wrong! Just look at Balenciaga’s platform beauts that graced the runway this passed spring. They made such a splash that crocs have created their own version of the platform mountains which I fully intend on buying. Crocs are comfortable and they don’t take themselves too seriously so I think we could learn allot from them.

I loved rounding up some of my favorite trends of 2018 here and can’t wait to see what styles 2019 has in store for us. What are some trends that you find both unappealing and completely irresistible? Let me know in the comments down below!

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