Vintage Haul

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As you all know ( or don’t know) I am in love with everything vintage! I thrift a ton of my clothing because I just love pieces with a story. My favorite fashion era is the fifties because I adore the prim and proper, put together look that women had back then, but I am in love with clothing from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s as well.

Recently I found out that one of the coolest thrift shops in my area is closing for good! This made me extremely sad but I found a silver lining in that they are having a fifty percent off everything sale! So Last week I headed on down to the store and picked up a few vintage gems of my own before it’s all over.

I ended up buying two skirts but wanted to buy so much more. The first one is this 70s plaid number that fits me like a glove. It feels just like I am wearing a blanket but was easily paired with my sunny yellow top and mittens, and my cape style jacket.

Next up was this long pleated skirt of my favorite color. I love the quality of this skirt and the fact that it is so full, but my favorite part would have to be the pockets! I was actually so inspired by this skirt that I decided to create a bunch of different looks with it as soon as I brought it home. This denim jacket and sneakers look is just one of the five looks that you can look out for in a later post.

Though I am sad such an amazing shop is closing for good, I fully intend on going back and taking full advantage of the deals and steals to come! What are some of your favorite eras for fashion? Let me know down below!

Lady in Red

What I Wore

For anyone that couldn’t tell, red is my favorite color of all time. I love bright reds, burgundy, maroon you name it. So for this post I decided to take my obsession to the next level by wearing an entirely red outfit!

Monochromatic outfits are challenging for me because I am truly an introvert although part of me loves to stand out. At times I struggle with confidence and question the brighter, crazier things I want to wear because I know that it will bring attention to me. Thankfully on this day I decided to really just go for it and I am so happy that I did.

It was Christmas Eve that I decided to wear the ultimate Christmas sweater. This knitted homage to Home Alone is one of my all time favorites and makes me laugh every time I read it.

The second I found these burgundy pants I decided to make it an all red lewk. Despite this incredible combo, the shoes are what really brought everything together.

These beauties are actually Hunter by Target rain boot/ sneaker hybrids. They are often the highlight of my outfits simply for the fact that I can find nothing to match them with.

The moment I put this outfit on I knew I had something special because it felt so completely me. Even though I felt this way part of me really wanted to rip the whole thing off and throw on a pair of jeans and neutral shoes instead. But when I feel this way I know that it is just my anxiety speaking, so I wore the outfit.

I wore the outfit and, to be honest, I felt pretty self conscious but I also felt happy and like myself. And it may not seem like such a big deal to others but this small win really made my day.

A Very Thrifty Christmas

What I Wore

Today I wore touches of red and green which is very on theme right now. I have been surprisingly into the holiday spirit this year. Usually by this time of December I am drowning in holiday shopping stress but fortunately this year has been a little different.

I am excited to spend time with my friends and family as well as hopeful for what the new year may bring and focused on living in the moment. Right now I’m just happy to be wearing some of my favorite cozy sweaters and holiday themed outfits.

Fun fact: this outfit is almost entirely thrifted which is not unusual for me. I love thrifting because, frankly, I just love old things. I also love finding something of great quality at a great price. I find most of my thrifted pieces either on second hand apps like Depop and Poshmark or at Goodwill if I feel like bargain hunting in person. This thick, cozy sweater, plaid dress and suede boots all happen to be from my local Goodwill.

My socks are from Poshmark but don’t worry they were new in package when I received them. My belt is one of those fun items that was probably one of my other family members at some point but has migrated into my closet at some point over the years.

My ring is one of my faves because it used to be a spoon before becoming a ring and meeting me! Lastly my scarf is the only non- secondhand item I am wearing and it is from Forever 21 but nobody’s perfect.

Bonus picture of my cat Hank

I love that I accidentally wore an all secondhand outfit because It makes me feel like my clothes are more interesting. Also my clothing gets to live a second life with me rather than ending up in a landfill. Do you guys enjoy thrifting most of your clothing or buying it brand new? Let me know down below!

Here are some similar items to what I am wearing:

Cozy AF But Still Freezing

What I Wore

Winter is always a tough time for me because of the cold, the short days, and of course, the seasonal depression. One of the few things that cheers me up during this time of year is the holidays. The lights and Christmas spirit make me feel much more cheerful. I also love the cozy atmosphere, which brings me to a certain OOTD that encompasses all of these things. (Except for maybe the lights)

This weekend I pulled out one of my favorite Christmas tops that I picked up from Goodwill a few years back. It caught my eye because of the fun novelty patches on the boobs. If you know me you know that I love a good novelty print and this one really caught my eye. The second I put it on my sister said, “I like your Christmas boobs” and that made me love it even more.

Once I had the button down on I decided to make it a denim on denim look. I almost threw a denim jacket on as well but my boyfriend thought that was going a bit overboard. So I used the red velvet puffer instead to keep within the Christmas theme.

In the winter I like to wear fuzzy socks ninety percent of the time so I stuffed these bad boys into some roomy doc martens. Icing on the cake was my big fluffy scarf, nude headband and fave red lippy.

As cozy as I was I managed to still be freezing while taking these pics. Probably because I decided to take them by the water. By the end of this shoot I was an icicle which was totally fine with me because it was totally on brand. All is well that ends well.