A Very Merry Christmas Shopping Haul


I went Christmas shopping for the first time this season yesterday and it was quite overwhelming. I thought I had come prepared with a list of people to shop for and even some ideas of what to get. But nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming urge to buy things for myself. And that hot heavy desire hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday.

Our first stop was Tj maxx which is a freaking wonderland that I can very rarely resist. Ninety nine percent of the time I come here I end up buying something so I am proud to have only bought these Lucky Brand earrings that I was in the market for anyway.


Our next stop was Old Navy and while I don’t often shop at Old Navy or find it all that appealing, they happened to be having a huge sale which was a total game changer. I bought myself only one thing but I am still not proud. 

These navy pin stripe pants are amazingly comfortable yet sophisticated (and on sale). I also got a Nicks t shirt for my brother so it evens out.


Ulta seemed like a necessary stop for my secret Santa gift for my coworker. But it turns out, twenty five dollars doesn’t get you as far as you’d think it would there. I gave up early on the secret Santa front and decided to go somewhere else for that. However, I did manage to score some much needed eyeliner and face lotion. 


At this point in time we had been shopping for so long that I had forgotten to eat lunch. By the time I realized it was nearly dinner time and I was famished. A quick stop at Panera Bread remedied that, then it was back to shopping. 

Now this last part is super embarrassing so prepare yourselves. WE WENT BACK TO TJ MAXX.  Now I know what you’re thinking: “that’s disgusting, there was seemingly no logical reason to go to TJs again.” But that’s where you’re wrong. 

You see, we went to a different Tj maxx full of hope and new possibilities. Here I did actually find my secret Santa gift. An Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighting palette, matching makeup brush, and Bath bombs. 


I also got the Levi’s denim jacket (pictured above) for my brother and a sweater for my boyfriend. Last but not least I rounded it out with, you guessed it, more stuff for me. I got these cute wide leg plaid pants that my kitty Hank couldn’t get enough of. And lastly, this super soft sweater which is just as fashionable as it is comfortable.

All in all it was a pretty successful day. Even with all of the selfish purchases I still managed to get some Christmas shopping done. Plus there is always next time! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Let me know down below. 

How to Create Layered Looks


If you’re anything like me then you have an extremely hard time with the changing of seasons. It’s not that I don’t like each season for what they bring. I love watching the leaves change, celebrating the Fourth of July, even the first snow fall. The problem that I have with the seasons changing is that I have a hard time letting go, of my seasonal clothing in particular.

When I was younger I used to pack all of my clothes away for the summer or the winter. I would fold them up in bins and my mom would tuck them away in the attic. Until the next year when I would pull them out only to find that they were now too small or even worse, out of style.

As I’ve grown older I’ve realized that I don’t need to say goodbye to my favorite seasonal pieces and it’s all thanks to one word: layering!

Layering is fun because you can utilize it for every season. From fishnets and mesh in the summer to turtlenecks and tights in the winter. Wearing layers can add visual interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

For this look I’ve combined a turtleneck with one of my favorite summer dresses. I like to knit my tops or use a belt to cinch my waist when wearing multiple layers to avoid looking too blob-ish or bulky.

A good trick to use for warmth while wearing dresses in the cold is to wear leggings instead of tights. Sometimes I even stack some leg warmers or thigh high socks stuffed into tall boots of added coziness. I like to top it all off with a dress length jacket for drama and voila! A cozy outfit that can be de-layered for any season. How do you layer up for the winter? Let me know down below!